Hemp Cultivation Technology

Trichome Agronomy has developed a multi-stage agronomy program, capable of creating high quality, conditioned hemp flower biomass on an industrial scale.


Our vision is to become a Global low cost producer of hemp flower biomass for trichome cultivation while utilizing the whole hemp plant. We are focused on optimizing an end-to-end agronomy program capable of adapting with the industry as demand for new cannabinoids are discovered in hemp flower trichomes.

hemp flower biomass
hemp flower biomass

2019 Harvest


In 2019 Trichome Ag successfully harvested 4,169 acres of hemp, baling approximately 10 million pounds of hemp biomass into over 10,000 bales. We are completing an 8,000 sq. ft. GMP compliant, state of the art hemp flower manufacturing facility in Newton, Manitoba. Our 9 stage proprietary hemp biomass processing platform is being finished in our facility and will be commissioned early in 2020 allowing us to fulfill our initial 2.75 million pound hemp flower offtake agreement. Trichome Ag’s whole plant agronomy platform has created additional offtake agreement opportunities for our residual hemp biomass green material, fiber, seed and stalk streams with companies from around the World.