Time for Change

In a dynamic and rapidly changing industry, GSL has seized on the opportunity to apply superior scientific expertise,  our unique products and patented technologies to enhance quality and efficacy in the development of cannabinoid medicines, products and plant cultivation.


Superior science, inspired products, exceptional outcomes

Fuelling our passion

We are a team of experienced business professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, professors, researchers and administrators with a common goal: to drive innovation, better products, and better outcomes in the cannabinoid industry, from plant to patient and all stages in between.

  • We are innovators in the development of new, highly effective and precise cannabinoid medicines and products
  • We are thought leaders, advancing research to unlock the full potential of cannabinoid compounds and therapies
  • We deliver quality and efficacy to the industry’s cultivators by providing product solutions and plant science expertise

Our Difference

Scientific horse power, business expertise and innovative, patented technologies are at the heart of GSL’s ability to lead and make a difference in a rapidly changing industry, and in the lives of patients and customers.


Superior Science + Business Expertise = Industry Innovation