Since its inception in 2014, GSL has developed disruptive technologies in the biotech and related industries. GSL’s goal is to commercialize these technologies via its various subsidiaries.

To date, GSL has advanced on the following business lines:

  • My Next Health’s MPS platform, which combines big data and genomic insights with conversational AI and tracking tools.
  • GSL Healthcare, a pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company.
  • Nectar Health Sciences, a chemistry based technology to isolate cannabinoids at high levels of purity.
  • Kalmex Inc., a membrane based technology which produces full spectrum cannabinoid extracts at large industrial scale.
  • Trichome Agronomy, an industrial hemp cultivation company with an innovative full plant utilization system.

My Next Health

Agentix Biosciences

Nectar Health Sciences

Trichome Agronomy



For several decades cannabinoids have been gaining momentum, amongst the medical community, in becoming an accepted form of therapeutic benefit for a wide variety of diseases. Our scientists have compiled and prioritized many of the most relevant studies, enabling us to sort and prioritize our development objectives to better service our markets.



Patients with different diseases need different formulations of cannabinoids, in different concentrations. Green Sky Labs focuses on the development of custom formulations to address some common widespread conditions as well as some of the more specific medical indications.