The Science of Changing Lives

Agentix Biosciences brings superior science technologies and unique products to the improvement and development of alternative therapies.

  • Cannabinoids which may be beneficial for treating many serious diseases
  • Highly respected team of doctors, researchers and business executives
  • Scientific research and development committee
  • Ongoing research and use of medical cannabis applications
  • Product pipeline with breakthrough formulas
Pharmaceutical Products



Prioritizing our product pipeline to focus on greatest scientific and commercial value: immunology, oncology, neurology, pain and disorders.

Research & Development

Utilization of industry preclinical research and patient use accounts to drive next generation studies for alternative and pharmaceutical markets.

Leadership Team

Industry leaders are the forefront of Agentix Biosciences research and implementation approach to business that brings technology and solutions to market.

A Product Pipeline for Breakthrough Medicines

GSL Healthcare Inc., the company’s pharmaceutical division, has completed two significant transactions providing the company with a suite of commercialized products as well as a pipeline of therapeutic applications

GSL Healthcare acquired Applied BioPharma, LLC and its assets and has merged with Agentix Corp., a publicly listed company trading on the OTC in the United States.

Agentix has identified a targeted collection of Consumer Wellness and Pharmaceutical product opportunities, the majority of which will be designed to offer a more sophisticated and intelligent product offering in the multi-billion-dollar global Cannabinoid market. The first category shall consist of a series of health and wellness products that incorporate a proprietary and proven cellular delivery technology for the Consumer market. Further advancements of these novel biocomplexes will be used in the development and production of pharma-grade products for more specific clinical (non-prescription) applications, e.g. Arthritic Joint Pain and Onychomycosis.