Highly effective, precise and predictable, custom tailored isolates

Unique proprietary isolation technology and methodologies. Advanced science yields superior results.

  • GSL owns a 25 percent shareholding in Kalmex Inc., a company focusing on commercializing its proprietary, membrane-based cannabinoid extraction technology.
  • Kalmex has a 25 year exclusive global license to use a proprietary membrane-based technology to produce full spectrum cannabinoid extracts and isolates.
    Kalmex’s technology partner and a major shareholder, Petro Sep Corp., is a recognized leader in the membrane industry with their membranes used in over 100 commercial scale facilities globally in a wide range of industrial applications
  • Kalmex is building its first facility in California, followed by a Canadian facility and is considering future expansion plans across the US, Europe, South America and Asia.
  • Proprietary membranes remove impurities where other techniques require additional processing steps.
  • Water & certified organic non-GMO ethanol solvent used to create organic Full-Spectrum Extracts at fraction of variable cost of other technologies.
  • 5-Tonne Daily Feedstock Extraction Plant projects

Green Sky Labs: A Leader in Extraction & Isolation Technology

isolation technology

Proprietary Technology

The high-volume and efficient processing of high-quality compounds and other ingredients are essential to the global growth of all nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and consumer products.

cannabinoid extraction technology

Full Extraction

Advanced non-solvent based technologies will be critical in maintaining the highest standards of safety, isolate purity, and the overall quality of extraction.

Extraction & Isolation

Unique Isolation

Proprietary technology has been developed and acquired to ensure maximum performance and delivery of all products for both the pharmaceutical and consumer markets.

Disruptive Technology Development is GSL’s Business

Kalmex has identified a huge demand, globally, for pure CBD and other extracts which will outpace current market production levels for the remainder of the decade; resulting in highly profitable processing opportunities to service the need for medical-grade extracts, which include Full Terpene, Flavonoid, and Cannabinoid Profile.

In addition to safety, the large scalability to produce thousands of kilos of high-grade isolate per month at a fraction of the industry-standard costs will provide our partners with a significant cost advantages over their competition.

Extraction & Isolation Production Capabilities in Development

Business Development

  • Breakthrough world-wide patented technology for cannabinoid extraction & isolation
  • Kalmex acquires global exclusive rights to proprietary water-based extraction
  • Production of partner processing facilities in Canada, Europe and United States
  • Market solutions for hemp & cannabis industries of pharmaceutical R&D, are developed
  • GSL becomes one of Health Canada’s approved testing & analytics labs