Isolation Technology

Nectar Health Sciences is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GSL, focusing on commercializing GSL’s proprietary, chemistry-based cannabinoid isolation technology
• Recent research breakthroughs have made GSL’s proprietary process scalable for commercialization of its low cost, high purity cannabinoid isolate output
• This chemical process was internally developed to selectively target CBD or THC and remove it from a cannabis extract regardless of extraction method
• Nectar’s technology produces isolates at a purity >99% free of pesticides, impurities and contaminants
GSL has initiated a four-stage patent strategy with Gowling WLG to protect this technology globally
• Various plant sizes between 1 tonne to 20 tonnes of biomass processed per day can be produced

Isolation Technology

Green Sky Labs: A Leader in Isolation Technology

isolation technology
Derived from Natural Source (Non-Synthetic)

Nectar’s technology selectively targets and separates the desired cannabinoids at a purity >99% from extract derived from Hemp or Marijuana

cannabinoid extraction technology
Innovative New Technology

A highly efficient process has been developed to separate, recover and purify CBDA, CBD, THCA and THC leading to two US Provisional Patent filings (Aug 23, 2019) and two International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filings (June 12, 2020)

Large-scale Processing Capabilities

Nectar has the capability to produce up to 1 tonne of cannabinoid isolates per day in a processing facility that utilizes 20 tonnes of biomass consisting of 5% concentration of the desired cannabinoid

Strategic Partners

Specific Mechanical
Specializing in design and fabrication of stainless and copper equipment.

Machine and plant engineering for mechanical process technology.

Mettler Toledo
A leading global manufacturer of precision instruments and services for use in laboratories and manufacturing.

One of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies.