Innovation is Next

My Next Health builds health applications that provide insights into the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases using a novel approach to functional genomics. These applications allow consumers to self-manage those insights based on their own genetic predispositions and can help inform their healthcare providers on interventions. My Next Health was created when functional genomics company The DNA Company joined with digital therapeutics platform My Pain Sensei in May 2020.
As My Next Health, the company will focus on using precision medicine and digital therapeutics to develop genomics-based health management applications that offer patients genetic insights tailored to their unique biology. The merger provides My Next Health with a Class 1 Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada for applications related to chronic pain and COVID-19.


  • My Next Health’s MPS platform, which combines big data and genomic insights with conversational AI and tracking tools, was developed by MPS through an engagement with IBM and includes access to more than 60 million electronic medical records and data from 32 billion claims.
  • This data allows the platform to uncover key insights about identifiable symptoms, diagnoses, chronic pain treatment efficacy as well as for other chronic conditions.
  • The My Next Health applications make those insights, tools and interventions accessible to patients and their healthcare providers.


As its first application, My Next Health is creating a COVID-19 application that assesses an individual’s risk profile for developing complications from the virus.
The COVID-19 application will work by analyzing a person’s genetic pathways for inflammatory responses, insulin sensitivity and other genomic indicators through identifiable characteristics that factor into risk of COVID-19 complications. After determining an individual’s risk level, patients can use the application’s recommendations to help mitigate their risk using self-tracking tools that also can be shared with their healthcare providers.
In collaboration with IBM, will continue building in new functionality over the next few months, with a fully functional application targeted for health systems or governments available this summer.
Given the immediate public need created by the COVID-19 pandemic, they are making a free online version of the application available to the public on May 15, which will include the conversational AI and intervention recommendations. The public version will be available at